Yoga Lifestyle Coaching

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for everyday balance and peace of mind

When we choose to live in balance, we choose to experience both the pleasure and pain of our human experience. Both are a part of life and are the gateway into your heart and true self.

In life, we are conditioned to escape pain, that it is bad, but the pain is inevitable and it is in the avoidance that we suffer. Avoidance creates an imbalance.

As a Yoga Lifestyle Coach, I will support you in realizing your options for everyday balance and peace of mind. Every person is unique and therefore every plan will be too. 

Yoga Lifestyle coaching is not therapy. If you need support in uncovering past experiences in order to heal, I would be happy to refer you to some wonderful therapists. 


The Benefits

Supports change, healing, and growth.

Treats the person, not the symptoms.

Takes a whole-person point of view.

Establishes healthy lifestyle practices

Clients are active participants.

One on one.


Photo of Tracey McDonald with her husband and daughter

The Details

  • Connect with me for a complimentary Discovery call (30minutes online) to assess where you are at and how we can work together.
  • Regular sessions are 60 minutes online with the support of ‘what’s app’ chat in between.
  • If Yoga Lifestyle Coaching is a good fit for you, I will email you registration and assessment forms (based on what you would like to work on), as well as details to access our online call. The forms are to be sent back via email prior to our first session.
  • Each session, we will discuss where you are at, what your options, and who you choose to be and you set your intention and goals for the week.
  • Yoga Lifestyle Coaching is not therapy, it is support for making changes towards the life you want to live. If you need additional support to work through traumatic experiences that may be holding you back, I would be happy to suggest some wonderful therapists for you.

I felt a connection with Tracey the first time we met, sensing her ability to bring out the best in people, and decided almost immediately to work with her. After completing the 21-day program and working with the Yoga Lifestyle Coaching Program, I am finding my voice and my inner strength. I am still a work in progress but my confidence in myself is a direct result of Tracey’s compassion and knowledge as a mentor. She has a particular instinct for helping people and I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone looking for support to make changes in their lifestyle. ~ Terry Hutchison