How do you truly want to feel?

Have you ever sat with this question? Or do you spend most of your time taking care of others with little thought of how you want to feel?

I understand completely! I use to always be last on my to-do list.           Hi! I’m Tracey McDonald, I am a Yoga Teacher and I would like to share with you how Classical Yoga Teachings have taught me to be a priority in my life and in turn, realize the life that I truly desire.

You are a priority!

Watch the video above and hear what others have shared about this webinar…

Yoga is a way of being. It is a lifestyle that includes developing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and is not comprised of only physical postures as it is often perceived. Wherever you are at, whatever experiences you are having, you don’t have to live with overwhelm, stress, or attachment in your life.

In this free webinar, I will teach you 3 Radical Shifts that changed my life.

You can use these 3 shifts immediately in your life to stop being last on your to-do list:

✓ Stop the feeling of overwhelm in your life

✓ Reduce stress caused by external responsibilities

✓ Surrender attachment to your expectations

I have guided many people like you and me through these 3 Radical Shifts.

Today is the day you choose to prioritize you!

“Tracey has helped me to not only get clear on my life vision and goals, but she has shown me how to be more patient and forgiving of myself.”

Melinda, 55 years old