21 DAY

Perspective Challenge

Do you constantly think about what you need to get done?

In this challenge, you have the opportunity to realize your priority. Since your body has survival needs that must be met, by virtue of those needs, YOU ARE A PRIORITY.

Why is it that you are continuously distracted by what you think you need to do?

The perception that you are not a priority,  is in the mind. The mind has the will power to control what it thinks it should do, but the potential to move beyond your thoughts is in the body.

When the priority of the body is ignored so is the quality of your survival. In order to arrive and thrive as a priority in life, you must realize the importance of your mind-body complex.

Realize your priority, live your best life.

Healing Starts in The Mind,
but it Must Include the Body

The quality of our body is directly related to the quality of our mind and when the two are disconnected, our perception is limited. 

Most of us are so busy thinking our way through life that we have little awareness of our body or how we treat it.

  • When we see from the perspective of the mind only, we get lost in our thoughts trying to figure out how to survive our life based on what we have learned from our past experiences. We lose sight of our priority and try to discover it in the mind.
  • When we see from the perspective of the mind-body complex we can listen to our thoughts and choose the quality of our survival based on what we know intuitively. We realize our priority is in the body.

Why the 21-day perspective challenge?

  • Because perspective can change everything.
  • Because many people try to heal from the mind without the body.
  • Because you don’t need to be anything other than you.
  • Because overwhelm is exhausting and depletes life experience.
  • Because you can find relaxation in the comfort of your own body.

In this perspective challenge you will:

  • Learn how to move beyond the mind and into the body.
  • Learn how to utilize the mind-body complex.
  • Learn how to take the mind-body connection into your life.

Where are you at in this moment? What thoughts are directing you?

You don’t have travel far to see YOUR world anew, just change the way you engage it.

The 21-day perspective challenge is a self-study virtual training program that shows you how to experience intention on your mat so that you can carry it into your day.  It is designed to realize your priority by shifting your perspective and in turn, engage the possibilities of your mind-body complex.


What’s included:

  • 21 yoga postures
  • 21 mindfulness practice
  • 21 meditation practice
  • A perspective challenge reflection journal
  • A private Facebook group for support with ongoing access
  • A lifetime of yoga practices via download
  • Daily emails for inspiration


  • 3 sequenced yoga practice
  • 3 breathing techniques

These Wonderful People Loved I Shift


If I were, to sum up the experience in one word it would be “perspective”. It is not that we need to change ourselves but to be aware and conscious as we interact with the world around us. I learned a new perspective moving through the day, conscious of how life impacts us and our impact on the lives of others. Mindful participation in life. No matter what needs you have Tracey can guide you to find your “perspective”. A great program, I recommend it to anyone.  ” ~ Pat Schmidinger 

“I chose the 21-Day Perspective Challenge because it’s philosophy resonated with me. I enjoyed and looked forward to the 10-15mins it took me each day. Moving through the postures and the guided meditations allowed me to look inward, be present, and ‘shift’ things in my life. I felt lighter and happy after I completed each session. For those who don’t have time, feel stressed out and think that you can’t meditate… this is the program for you.” ~ Lisa True 

I would highly recommend this 21-day challenge! The time commitment is minimal. Anyone can find 10 minutes to fit this in. It helped me be more observant of how I was feeling, the benefits of mindfulness, and an overall new level of awareness. You won’t be disappointed!” ~ Jolene Parks  

Signs of a limited perspective:

  • Overwhelmed by life
  • Constantly exhausted
  • Neglect your own needs
  • Life revolves around others
  • Want someone to save you

Benefits of a healthy perspective:

  • Comfort in the mind
  • Relaxation in the body
  • Emotional balance
  • More energy
  • Better immunity

Join the movement to be a priority in your life so that you can take care of your health, have genuine relationships, and connect to your authentic self. Yoga experience is not required. The only requirement is your willingness to shift into your life.

join now for  $199 CAD