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“When acceptance meets uncertainty, your ordinary can be extraordinary.” ~ Tracey McDonald


to help you shift from a state of unease to a balanced state of living

In my online programs, you will go on a journey to discover your whole-being and release what holds you back from the life you truly desire. Find the right one for you.

Enjoy the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching, starting with a complimentary call and followed by 60-minute sessions that will utilize a variety of tools and techniques suited to you personally.

Become the teacher you were meant to be through this heart-centred training. Learn to observe and celebrate your own life before teachings others to do the same.

Why Move?

We all have a story that starts with love and a mind that may not agree. When we lose our connection to the heart and live only in fear, we fall out of balance.

Balance is a state of mind. The mind is always in motion, sensing, and experiencing new opportunities; it can either work for us or against us. When we learn to appreciate the mind, we can also learn to appreciate our journey, whatever it may bring. 

As you move through your life experience, balancing the paradox of love and fear will bring you closer to your true nature and the peace of mind you truly desire.

Tracey McDonald helps you shift from a state of unease to a balanced state of living.  

I have been a student of Tracey’s for many years now. I love how she teaches. She is a natural born teacher. She explains things in a way that I can really relate and understand. She has a beautiful soul and heart which just adds one more reason to love her and her work! I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with this amazing woman.

~ Angie

Try It Out…It’s Free

3 Radical Shifts To Be A Priority In Your Life

• Change the overwhelm in your life.

• Reduce the stress of external responsibilities.

• Surrender attachment to your life expectations.

"She led me on a deeper journey to my inner self"

If you are looking to learn about true body, mind, & spirit connection through yoga teachings, look no further! Tracey is a real gem: an authentic and passionate teacher! Having been a mindfulness meditation practitioner for over 5 years, I thought that I would merely be learning about physical techniques to yoga. I was proven wrong! Not only did Tracey bring me back to my “beginner’s mind” but she led me on a deeper journey to my inner self, dealing with my own rigidity and fears, but also incorporating how we can teach children the eight limbs of yoga without having to make it complicated. I was also able to complete most of the program online in the comforts of my own home – no need to travel during this super cold & snowy winter! Thank you Tracey for delivering such a wonderful program! I look forward to more sharings with you!

~ Jen

"Since taking the program I have been able to see things in a different light"

“Tracey’s program opened my eyes to different aspects in my life. I loved that it was on line and that I could work at my own pace. I also appreciated being able to go back and listen to the lectures. This program helped me to become aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions, and to move through them with the support of Tracey. I truly believe this course was worth the price point. To be honest this program couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Since taking the program I have been able to see things in a different light, and to pause before reacting. I have truly been able to apply the teachings in my daily living, my parenting & and my work environment. I highly recommend this program ! “

~ Janet F.

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